As of January 3rd 2017, the Parental Sponsorship program has begun to accept expressions of interest from Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents seeking to sponsor their parents or grandparents.  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced significant changes to the application process for parental sponsorship. Potential sponsors now have from today, January 3rd 2017 until February 2nd 2017 to submit an online expression of interest. The online expression of interest form asks for the sponsor’s name, date of birth, address, and contact information. After February 2nd, IRCC will randomly select 10,000 people to be invited to apply for parental sponsorship. Applicants who receive invitations will then have 90 days in which to submit a completed application for parental sponsorship. Applicants not selected will have to wait until the 2018 program opens and submit a new expression of interest.

IRCC has made submitting an expression of interest to the program a simple and speedy process. However, potential sponsors should be aware that the expression of interest form does not assess whether or not they are eligible for the program. Before submitting an expression of interest, potential sponsors should review the eligibility requirements for sponsorship of a parent or grandparent and ensure that both they and their parents/grandparents qualify. Common reasons for the refusal of a parental sponsorship application include the sponsor’s failure to meet the required minimum income level over the previous three years, or the parent/grandparent being found medically inadmissible. While the new system makes entering the lottery easier, it also makes it possible for a high number of invitations to be issued to ineligible applicants. Additionally, some applicants who receive invitations may decline to submit an application, or may fail to do so within the required 90 day period. While 10,000 invitations will be issued, it is likely that the number of applications eventually approved by IRCC will be much smaller.


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Arjun Vegesna

Absolutely delighted with John from this firm with the way he counselled with suitable options available for me on migration to Canada, documentation submissions, query resolutions, visa processing and continued personal support and follow up until the last step. Would recommend this firm for anybody blindly looking for immigration help. They would guide you with complete transparency and professionalism.

Harmanpreet Singh

We have had an excellent experience with Borders Law firm & would like to personally thank Jenny Mao who was handling our application & was extremely prompt in her responses, well versed with the documentation & professional throughout our journey. Would strongly recommend them for a personalized service & vast knowledge on the subject


Excellent Firm..! Always helpful, friendly and honest with their work. My personal thanks to Devika and Yana for providing excellent service. I highly recommend them for any kind of Visa application.

Neha K

Borders Law firm - Devika OMG where do I start from.... so I got her number from my CA who I have been getting my taxes filed from last ten years. I was not sure what will happen to my mom's files becuase I had already tried four times before and everytime there was something or the other that happened and my application was not accepted... Devika has been my good luck, an angel in my life and a miracle believe it or not. I wish I could give you the details about why it was so so so important for my mom to get this immigration but unfortunately I can't share my personal details but I can tell you all one thing, that Devika and her team not only helped me with my mom's immigration case but also helped me with her super visa extension and all other obstacles we faced. I had no idea that my file can get approved so fast. Today I feel like my dream of having my mom here permanently came true all because of Devika.She is very knowledgeable, super patient, went out of her way to do, spent extra hours assisting me and completing this file. Always understood and heard my issues, with patience. I don't know how many times I cried with her and she always gave me hope and strength to be patient and wait for the approval. Honestly I am very impressed how she adds human touch to her immigration cases and treats the families with so much love and always been very professional as well. Devika is the best, she has an awesome awesome team. I can go on and on and on about her. I always suggest my friends her name and tell them about her services.It feels so good when I give her number to people in need of a good immigration lawyer, because in my heart I know that Devika will be able to help them with their immigration very well.She is the best Thank you Devika for being a great lawyer,a great human being and an angel in my life. Himanshi (Mansi)

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