Our founders are duly appointed Notary Publics in and for the Province of Ontario.

Devika Penekelapati, B.A., LL.B, LL.M and Andres Pelenur B.A., J.D. are both duly appointed Notary Publics in and for the Province of Ontario. Please call us to make an appointment or simply drop by our office during business hours (9:00 to 5:30) and we would be happy to assist you with all your notarization needs.

Please remember to bring all your original documents with you as well as valid photo identification. We ask that you complete all your application forms prior to arriving at our office except for the signatures and dates. If you require documents to be drafted (such as affidavits, power of attorney, etc.), please call us at (416) 481-5689 to make an appointment.

Borders Law Firm offers a full range of Notary Public services, including:

  • Notarized Copies / Certified Copies
  • Administering an Oath or Solemn Affirmation
  • Drafting of Affidavits, Statutory Declarations
  • Drafting Power of Attorney documents
  • Drafting Letters of Invitations (for Visitor Visa Applicants)
  • Passport Applications (Declarations in lieu of guarantor, passport photo certification)
  • Drafting of Consent to Travel Documents / Letters of No Objection
  • Power of Attorney
  • Administering Oaths
  • Notarization of Documents
  • Affirmations & Declarations
  • Authentications


The Ontario Government maintains a directory of all Notary Publics who are licensed in and for the Province of Ontario.

Notarized documents that are destined to foreign countries may have to be authenticated by the Ontario Government. The process is designed to verify that the notary’s seal and signature are authentic.

Individuals who require their notarized documents to be authenticated should bring their documents to the Management Board Secretariat located at the following address:

Official Documents Services

Main Floor
222 Jarvis St
Toronto ON  M7A 0B6
(416) 325-8416

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

You may take your notarized documents to be authenticated in person or you may mail in your documents. The government fee for authentications is $16.00 Canadian per document. If you are submitting your documents by mail, please be sure to include a certified cheque or money order payable to the “Ministry of Finance” for the total fee. Please also include a self-addressed envelope.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (416) 481-5689.