On November 16th, IRCC Minister Sean Fraser announced the long-awaited introduction of the revised National Occupation Classification (NOC) system, which tracks and categorizes job titles and qualifications in the Canadian labour market. The NOC system serves as the underlying scheme used to determine who qualifies for Canadian permanent residence under the Express Entry programs, which include the Skilled Worker Class, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Skilled Trades Program. The NOC system is revised approximately every ten years.

To qualify under Express Entry, an applicant’s work experience must belong to a NOC number considered skilled or semi-skilled. Until now, several job positions that are critical to the Canadian economy and which are experiencing severe labour shortages were ineligible under Express Entry. Truck drivers serve as a prime example.

The revised NOC system adds occupations to the list of eligible occupations that qualify under one of the Express Entry immigration programs. This change incentivizes individuals with work experience in these professions to move and work in Canada now that they have been included in the immigration pathways.

These are the new occupations now included in Express Entry as Skilled workers:

  • Production and Transportation Logistics Coordinators – NOC 1523 to 13201
  • Dental Assistants and Dental Laboratory Assistants – NOC 3411 to 33100
  • Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates – NOC 3413 to 33102
  • Other Assisting Occupations in Support of Health Services – NOC 3414 to 33109. This includes the new unit group for Pharmacy Technical Assistants and Pharmacy Assistants – NOC 3414 to 33103
  • Payroll Administrators – NOC 1432 to 13102
  • Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants – NOC 4413 to 43100
  • Sheriffs and Bailiffs – NOC 4421 to 43200
  • Correctional Service Officers – NOC 4422 to 43201
  • By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers – NOC 4423 to 43202
  • Estheticians, Electrologists and Related Occupations – NOC 6562 to 63211
  • Residential and Commercial Installers and Servicers – NOC 7441 to 73200
  • Pest Controllers and Fumigators – NOC 7444 to 73202
  • Other Repairers and Servicers – NOC 7445 to 73209
  • Transport Truck Drivers – NOC 7511 to 73300
  • Bus Drivers, Subway Operators and Other Transit Operators – NOC 7512 to 73301
  • Heavy Equipment Operators – NOC 7521 to 73400
  • Aircraft Assemblers and Aircraft Assembly Inspectors – NOC 9521 to 9320

Professions that have been elevated into the Skills Trade Program include:

  • Residential and Commercial Installers and Servicers (73200)
  • Pest Controllers and Fumigators (73202)
  • Other Repairers and Servicers (73209)
  • Transport Truck Drivers (73300)
  • Bus Drivers, Subway Operators and Other Transit Operators (73301)
  • Heavy Equipment Operators (73400)
  • General Building Maintenance Workers and Building Superintendents (73201)

Three professions have been downgraded from Skilled to Semi-Skilled include:

  • Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness – NOC 5254 to 54100 (Skill Level B to TEER 4). This includes fitness instructors and personal trainers.
  • Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Milliners – NOC 6342 to 64200 (Skill Level B to TEER 4)
  • Other Performers, Not Elsewhere Classified – NOC 5232 to 55109 (Skill Level B to TEER 5). This includes street performers, fashion models, influencers, magicians, and puppeteers.

Finally, some occupations have been entirely removed from the Express Entry system (which begs the question of whether IRCC will grandfather applications in NOC numbers below who are currently in the processing cue. IRCC has, in the past, excised applications in mid-processing, which resulted in a lawsuit against the department):

  • Food and Beverage Servers – NOC 6513 to 65200
  • Pet Groomers and Animal Care Workers – NOC 6563 to 65220
  • Other Support Occupations in Personal Services – NOC 6564 to 65229
  • Longshore Workers – NOC 7451 to 75100
  • Material Handlers – NOC 7452 to 75101
  • Taxi and Limousine Drivers and Chauffeurs – NOC 7513 to 75200
  • Delivery Service Drivers and Door-To-Door Distributors – NOC 7514 to 75201
  • Boat and Cable Ferry Operators and Related Occupations – NOC 7533 to 75210
  • General Farm Workers (Livestock Labourers and Harvesting Labourers) – NOC 8431 to 85100 and 85101
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Labourers – NOC 8432 to 85103
  • Trappers and Hunters – NOC 8442 to 85104
  • Fabric, Fur and Leather Cutters – NOC 9445 to 95105

To learn more about how the changes to the NOC system affect you, please book a consultation with one of our lawyers.

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