On October 12, 2022, IRCC held its most recent Express Entry Draw. As a direct result, 4,250 candidates received invitations to apply for Permanent Residence from IRCC. With minimum scores continuing to drop and changes to the system on the horizon, here is what you need to know. 

Lowering of Minimum Scores 

Since the resumption of draws on July 6, Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) minimum scores have continued to drop. On the previous draw on September 28th, the minimum score was 504 points. The current minimum score has since dropped from 504 points from the last draw to 500 points. Since the draws resumed in July, the minimum score has dropped by a total of 57 points. 

A lower CRS score allows for more candidates to receive an invitation for Permanent Residency by IRCC. This can be seen with the October 12th draw, which was the fourth draw in a row to have an increase of 500 invitations over the last draw. 

Coming Changes 

The draw occurred while various changes to the Express Entry system are underway. Bill C-19, which received Royal Assent last June, promises to allow IRCC to consider other categories such as specific work experience and education when issuing invitations to apply for Permanent Residency as opposed to solely issuing invitations based on their scores. Already, physicians can apply to the Express Entry Program based on their own work experience in Canada and as such are now exempted from the barriers that prevented self-employed candidates from applying to the program. 

In addition to these changes, IRCC is expected to announce its new immigration plan by November 1st. This plan will set out IRCC’s objectives and state how many Permanent Residents will be admitted. Currently, IRCC’s goal for 2022 is to admit 55,900 new Permanent Residents currently, 28,000 Permanent Residents have been admitted. 

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