IRCC Minister Ahmed Hussen announced major changes to the parental sponsorship program. Currently, parental sponsorship applications are capped at 10,000 per year and operate on a random lottery system. The fickle and unfair nature of random selections resulted in a barrage of complaints over the last few years, prompting the Liberal government to reverse course and return to a system similar to what it used to be prior to the Harper government. Starting in 2019, intake of new files will be capped at 20,000. Applicants will still be required to submit an expression of interest and wait for an invitation to apply, with applications processed on a first-come, first served basis. The government is also promising to roll out additional changes, promising to streamline application forms and enhance client experience.

At Borders Law Firm, we are pleased to see the end of the arbitrary lottery system, which was plainly unfair. We also support an annual limit of applications, which will allow the government to control the amount of resources it needs to process applications in a timely fashion, as well as controlling downstream effects, such as the impact on our health care system from an influx of aging parents. The new policy is a win for both immigrants anxious to bring their parents to Canada and for the country as a whole.

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