I would really like to thank Devika, Yana, Cheyenne and the entire organisation for helping me with my PR. About two years ago, when I met Devika I was very skeptical about the Permanent Residency as the new rules were brought in and it was really hard for anyone to become an immigrant. Much to be delight, Devika was extremely positive and said that she has high hopes for me. I began my journey from there on with an immense trust, and I must say, she stayed true to her words and helped me in every single step. I received my PR after an year, and now I am happy to use that I am a Permanent Resident. Thank you Borders Law firm and Devika for meticulously and diligently working my file.


I want to take the time to thank you and Borders Law Firm for the work you’ve done for me. The professionalism you handled my case, your efficiency, and your effectiveness is still arduous to process. I cannot thank you enough; I cannot recommend you enough. With grace, you took my case; and in a short time, you accomplished what I and others spend months trying and planning without a glimpse of success. John, you’re my star. You prepared the case well, and on the first day, showed sympathy for my previous heartbreaking experiences at the borders. You then guide me all the way, and everything went the way you planned it. So Un grand merci. I am immensely thankful for the services you provided for me.

Payal Dhokia

I would like to take an opportunity to thank you & your team for the time & expertise given to my application. I wanted to visit you personally at the office at the time of collection of my permit since the office has mailed me the same I am writing this email. I appreciate your & Jenny’s dedication and active participation throughout my application. The assistance and guidance you gave has been helpful to make a prompt decision at that time. The wait has been long and tough but completely worth. This approval brings myself & my family lot of joy and happiness & this wouldn’t have been possible without Border’s Law Firm. Thank you once again.

Rupa Das

Devika and her firm (Border’s Law firm) has been incredibly helpful towards me and my son. Devika personally assisted me in every step towards securing a work permit so I could support my son after his tragic accident. Her team has always been supportive and precise with informational support etc. Aside from helping me get my work permit, Devika has also helped me renew my TRV. During difficult times when I felt like I am running out of options, she even provided the moral and mental support I needed to not lose hope. Her services are truly exceptional, and I would recommend her firm to anyone facing immigration issues.

Borders Law firm

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