Canadian Federal Immigration

Obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence

Canada is a nation that was built by immigrants, and the tradition of welcoming new permanent residents remains as strong as ever. Individuals who would like to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis can choose from several immigration categories or programs, depending on their background, skills, finances, family relatives in Canada, and other personal circumstances. For example, skilled workers can apply through the Independent/Skilled Worker Class, while high net worth individuals can apply through the Business Class category. Other programs such as the Experience Class are designed to facilitate immigration for persons who are already studying or working in Canada.

Those persons who cannot meet the criteria of the above categories or who simply wish to immigrate to Canada on the strength of having a close family relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, can apply through the Family Class (sponsorship applications).

Since federal immigrant programs are constantly changing, it is important to obtain advice from a qualified immigration lawyer to determine your eligibility under any given category and to make strategic decisions on which program would be best to apply.

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