Provincial Business Class

Provincial Immigration Programs

In addition to Canada’s Federal immigration programs, a number of provinces have entered into agreements with the Federal government enabling them to select and nominate new immigrants based on their own economic needs. The rationale in having a separate immigration regime is to allow each province to quickly target new immigrants in a manner that is more flexible and responsive to each province’s unique economic landscape.

The introduction of provincial immigration programs has opened many new doors to potential immigrants, creating opportunities for individuals who otherwise might not have qualified under the Federal programs.

Immigration through a provincial program remains a two step process. First, an applicant obtains a nomiation certificate from the province they applied to. Second, a complete federal application is submitted to a Canadian consualte abroad, who makes the final determination on granting permanent resident status.

Below is a brief overview of some of Canada’s provincial nominee programs. Please bear in mind that the provincial programs are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with one of our lawyers to be advised of the most up to date requirements.

The Links on the right hand column offer a brief overview of the Provincial immigration categories available for permanent immigration to Canada.