I am so happy I selected Devika to represent me. Her diligence and careful approach to my unique case was one of a kind. From start to finish, Devika and her staff at Borders Law Firm were always forward-thinking and extremely responsive to my situation. Having worked with Devika for over 2 years, I can confirm that her efforts and results were second to none. The professional and speedy manner with which she handled my application for permanent residence was highly commendable. Throughout the process, she was responsive, demonstrated a good work ethic, and was very efficient. What makes this firm really stand out is their obvious and genuine concern for their clients. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who needs this sort of representation. Once again, many thanks to Devika and her team at Borders!


I had an impossible case. With a 180-page file of multiple work permits and a previous permanent resident denial, another application seemed like an impossible, uphill battle. My husband and I were considering moving to another country. However, because of Andres’s experience and fantastic advice, we persevered and our file was processed within 6 months! His professional and personable team gave us tremendous support throughout the difficult and emotional process, and were there for us with every step. My husband and I are forever grateful to Andres and his team for a smooth and quick transition into Canada!

Elizabeth L

I would like to express my appreciation for all the hard work, professionalism, and patience that your firm has given to me and my family. In January, I left my abusive husband. I abandoned my sponsorship case, which would have cost me my permanent residence and possibly led to my deportation. Borders Law Firm fought for my right to become a Canadian, and treated me not as a client, but as a human being. I would like to extend my words of thanks and appreciation to my lawyer Devika Penekelapati, as well as Eva Frengopoulos and Simone Myles. Thanks to your team for all of the hard work, determination, and commitment it took to finally get my case filed. I truly appreciate the time and effort that you and your staff put into this. It has been 3 long years since my grandfather died, and 8 since I could last visit El Salvador. Finally, it happened: this year, I was granted permanent residence status. I will be able to go home and bring flowers to my grandfather’s grave. I can’t thank you enough for taking my case. You have wonderful associates and staff that made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped into your office. You were superb and highly competent. You were honest, highly professional, and did not lead me to believe that this would be an easy fight. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


I successfully completed my immigration landing at Rainbow Bridge last Saturday. Thank you so much for helping me with my LMO work permit and CEC applications in the last two and a half years. Everyone at Borders is very professional, experienced, and patient. Please pass on my thanks to Eva, Simone, and Rebeka. Thanks again.


After losing my status in Canada due to the work of an incompetent consultant, I was in a really tough situation. I went from working as a nurse in a beautiful small town in Ontario to being told to leave Canada. I got married after losing my status and knew that the wedding would look suspicious to CIC due to the timing. We did consultations with two other firms and were told that the best thing for me to do was to go back to my home country and apply for an overseas spousal sponsorship. We dreaded that news as this meant that we would have to be apart. I had my one-way ticket booked and was ready to leave when my husband suggested we try one more firm. We met with Devika and explained our situation to her. From the beginning she was very compassionate and understood our need to stay together. She was very personable and advised that we do the inland sponsorship and stay together in Canada. Even though there are no appeals for refused inland applications, she was willing to challenge any negative decision in the federal court on our behalf. I cancelled my flight and prepared for the many months of uncertainly that lay ahead. My husband and I were convinced that our case would be called in for an interview but were extremely happy when we got our decision just 11 months after applying. CIC not only gave us our first phase approval and my open work permit, but the final decision at the same time (which is very rare). I am now a permanent resident and glad that our life is back to normal. We are convinced that our decision came so swiftly due to the hard work and diligence put in by Borders Law Firm.


I would like to thank Devika Penekelapati for all the assistance she and her organization gave me. I came here as a student and eventually got my work permit. It all started off with getting my PR through Devika. I was approved for the PR within a year of applying. Then I had to go back to my country as soon as I got my PR. I was out of the country for 3 years before I came back to Canada. This time, I had to bring my wife and child. I had problems sponsoring my family because I had been out of the country for such a long time. But, with all the assistance and meticulous verification of documents and application, my family was granted a PR in just 2 months and 9 days. It was really overwhelming. I doubt this has ever happened so quickly to anyone in the recent past. This shows the commitment and hard work they put into the applications they handle. I will contact them in the future for any other immigration work. I would also like to thank Brendan and Cheyenne for their efforts.


I want to express my sincere thanks to Devika Penekelapati for her cooperation and the effort she has put into filing my immigration case here in Ontario. She is an honest, hard-working, and truly dedicated professional who guides the client towards the best possible options. My husband and I have recommended Devika to many of our acquaintances, and each one of them has given us positive reviews. She is an excellent lawyer with a pleasant personality who has dealt with us in a very warm and affectionate manner. I am extremely grateful to her and must say that Devika and her team are the best representation one can have regarding immigration problems. Richu & Piyush Sood I would like to thank Devika Penekalapati, Borders Law Firm, and her team for all of the guidance. I was a permanent resident of Canada and lost my PR status when I moved out of Canada to finance my children’s higher education. I wanted to reunite with my Family in Canada after my retirement. I contacted Devika and she meticulously examined my documents and gave the best advice. Her office helped me fill out all the required forms and documents. I got my permanent residence permit within 8 months from the date of application and have now been reunited with my family. My family and I are forever grateful to Devika and her team and highly recommend her to anyone who require services in the field of immigration. True professionals with a great human touch.


I would like to thank you, most sincerely, for all of the help you have given me in processing my open work permit application and getting a passport request in not even a month’s time. I am so glad to say that our dreams came true because of Borders Law Firm. Special thanks to Phing and Devika for their extended support. Thanks

Borders Law firm

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